In line with our mission to increase the safety standards within the charter industry, we are implementing the Safety Gold Badge, which will be awarded to charter boats that have met the minimum safety criteria.

This application has to be done for each individual boat and the badge awarded can be displayed on the boat itself, on the company’s website, etc. The Association will publish on our website information about this badge, its criteria and our members who have achieved this badge, for the public to become more aware of the safety standards they should look out for when booking a charter boat.

The advantages of achieving this badge include:
1. Preferred charter operators by the general public;
2. Preferred employers to partner with schools for internship programs;
3. Preferred operators for pilot programs with STB, etc.

Based on the survey responses and feedback we have gathered from you previously, below are the 6 final criteria. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions!

1. The skipper must hold a valid PPCDL or other recognized license by MPA (e.g. Steersman License).
2. The charter boat must have at least one working VHF at all times for communication during emergency.
3. The charter boat must have a working digital chart plotter.
4. There must be, at least one skipper and one crew keeping an eye on the guests at all times throughout each charter (unless the yacht is open deck).
5. A safety briefing must be conducted for all charter guests onboard before leaving the marina. The safety briefing should include, but not limited to: 1) Location of life jackets, life buoys & fire extinguishers in the event of emergency; 2) Man Overboard (MOB); 3) Guests should not jump into the water while engines are still running; 4) Potential boat-specific hazards on board (e.g. watch out for steep steps, do not get tripped by ropes, be careful of wet and slippery deck, etc.).
6. There must be a First Aid Kit on board, which should include at least the following items: 1) Bandages, 2) Antiseptic solution, 3) Vinegar, 4) Plasters, 5) Safety pins or tape, and 6) Sterile gauze.

Please complete this form and submit the requested documents to apply for the Safety Gold Badge. Do note that a physical audit will be conducted by the committee on randomly selected charter yachts. We may also request for more documents / information if required.