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Formed in 2021, the Singapore charter boat industry has grown exponentially over the past years, in many ways it has become one of the most important business types in the pleasure craft industry in Singapore.

The regulations, policy and promotion for charter operators vary across different government agencies, as charter operators and businesses we need to plan and prepare ourselves for the best possible outcome to run a successful company. Many of us spend time back and forth with government agencies, contractors and suppliers trying to understand new policy and procedures, if we were able to form a charter boat association, this would allow us to approach the relevant government agencies and other industry bodies with a collective voice to be involved in policy, promotion and create a clear communication channel for all charter operators to focus more time on our business.

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Leisure, fishing, diving, wake sports, sailing and outbound

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Operating in 8 marinas accross Singapore

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Operating a pleasure craft as a business was once just a side hustle for yacht owners and fishermen, this has all changed in Singapore, the commercial boat charter industry revenue is over SGD $50 million and indirectly employs thousands of Singaporeans. Our goal is to identify and promote Singapores marine lifestyle while also developing future jobs in the maritime sector

Quek Wee Teck
Founding members committee

Hear from our executive committee

"I am very excited to help form this association with like-minded operators, we now have a collective voice to tackle different problems in our industry and help foster better charter boat practices"
Emilia Clarke
Ang Chee Boon
"The charter boat industry has gone through exponential growth over the past years, by working together we will be able expand on marine tourism activities and develop our industry further"
Emilia Clarke
Minqi Wong
"I am looking to build a healthier industry for the future of boat charters in Singapore, over the past years we have grown a lot and now it time we prepare our industry to nurture this development"
Emilia Clarke
Andy Soo